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  • VW Jetta GLI T 6MT - Road Test Review - By Ben Lewis
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  • I'll go straight out and say this: the current Volkswagen Jetta GLI has one big problem, and it's called the Golf GTI. Like the black sheep in the.

    The volkswagen gli is kind of like the volkswagen gti hot hatch only no The GLI I drove for this review was unfortunately an automatic, but in.

    Check out the Volkswagen Jetta review at ASBURYPRESCHOOL.INFO While its four- cylinder engine is punchy, a more powerful GLI model is expected for

    My retiring i seats are still good looking 14 years on. Observed fuel economy of 34 miles per gallon is outstanding. The GLI was nice to look at and sit in, but the Mazda 6 is a full step up in that department. I tested Elantra Sport Manual. The base radio is tolerable, and comes with a nice backup camera, and for my millenial, the essential music bluetooth.

    Volkswagen Jetta GLI Review – Potent, Painted, Pricey - The Truth About Cars

    But I was about to, if I could find my way. Cain and the kids had already made it to Prince Edward Island, having departed earlier in the week to begin our house hunt after our Nova Scotian home sold in 24 hours.

    But I left my iPhone charge cord at home on the dining room table. And then a light came on: Maps, my dear Watson. I studied that arcane sheet for, well, it had to be minutes. Not until I arrived at my Summerside destination did it dawn on me. The Elantra is also, dare I say it, more fun.

    Although distinctly less torquey than the 2. Yes, I should have taken a shortcut across Route 23, but that map was a distant memory by the time it was folded up. Unfortunately, compared with the supple Elantra Sport, this particular Jetta GLI specimen traversed rough island roads quite roughly indeed.

    But on winter run-flats, even smooth surfaces begin to feel like cobblestone streets. This negated much of the fun one could have on twisty, rural two-lanes.

    Forget those early criticisms of the Mk6 Jetta. That torsion-beam rear suspension of early Mk6 Jettas is long gone, as well. This is a mature performance sedan, if not an outright athlete like its hatchback sibling. Observed fuel economy of 34 miles per gallon is outstanding. Aside from the roaring tires and some pleasant 2. But the Subaru WRX has a lower base price and substantially more athleticism. Those are inexpensive and enticing opponents for a Mk6 Jetta that debuted in late , otherwise known as the year you last looked at a map.

    Follow on Twitter timcaincars. The more I read about the Elantra Sport, the more intrigued I am by it. The GLI Jetta, not so much. I tested Elantra Sport Manual. It is total fun, plenty of pep. Seats are great but available only in leather.

    Now, the problem of this car starts inside. The interior is rental. Some controls are rough. Its dark in it in a bad way. DSG unfortunately, but it would be my commuter, and the DC beltway is not a place to sit with a stick. I only take my S to work once a week for a reason. Both of those alternatives are very childish, and the SI looks nigh-on ridiculous now.

    The Jetta is more mature and literally older as well. He just likes how they drive, inexpensive, fairly discreet, and works well in bad weather. His wife picked the Subaru, not him. The new Civic Si and hatch look ridiculous, but from they were fairly conservative all things considered. I had the opportunity to drive the wrx limited manual, the elantra sport Dsg as well as the gli manual and Dsg…. The best way to describe the wrx is its great to drive but hard to live in. However the interior, especially the steering wheel was comfortable and nicely done.

    Unfortunately there was no elantra sport manual to test drive at the time. I ended up buying the manual GLI and have no regrets. Fantastic interior and with a nice set of all seasons the road is definitely smoothed out over the run flats on the car mentioned above. If your not looking to fly around every corner this car handles well and has plenty of zip.

    2012 Volkswagen GLI Review

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