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  • Welcome to Critic's Notebook, a quick and off-the-cuff car review consisting of impressions, jottings, and marginalia regarding whatever The.

    Chevrolet's all-new full-size pickup truck has a lot riding on its capable shoulders. But the Chevrolet Silverado comes pretty damn close. Chevy Silverado's Exterior Steals Clint Eastwood's Visage.

    4 days ago The Chevrolet Silverado is ranked #3 in Full Size Pickup Trucks by U.S. News & World Report. See the review, prices, pictures and all our.

    Like any jack-of-all-trades, that makes it a compromised proposition: I'm not suggesting anyone conduct any illegal or immoral activities in their new Silverado, but I kind of doubt even the sharpest border patrol agents would find every little storage space in this truck, if you get my drift. The new model greatly improves things. And yet, after a full day behind the wheel in this latest model, the Silverado seems like it's held on to the essence of what made the old truck so endearing.

    Chevy Silverado first drive review: Brute suit riot - Roadshow

    Considering it has dozens of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs spread out across a handful of brands, General Motors doesn't really have a make-or-break vehicle. But the Chevrolet Silverado comes pretty damn close. Insert your own Bob Seger joke here. In , Chevy sold , Silverados in the United States, making up more than a quarter of Chevrolet's domestic volume and one-fifth of General Motors's total sales in the United States that year. The money generated by hundreds of thousands of Silverados rolling through dealerships every year help keep Corvettes and Camaros cranking out of the factories; it subsidizes the cost of futuristic electric vehicles like the Bolt and Volt; it keeps thousands of Americans in factories and showrooms and service centers gainfully employed, not to mention all the help the trucks lend the hundreds of thousands of people who depend on its capabilities for their own businesses.

    Suffice it to say, GM does not take the creation of an all-new full-size pickup lightly. So, much like John Hammond building a saurian theme park, the company spared no expense in launching the Silverado for the American media, flying wave upon wave of journalists—including your humble scribe—out to preternaturally-scenic Jackson, Wyoming, where three dozen shiny new crew cab Chevys were waiting to be put through their paces on-road and off. Buyers won't have any trouble telling the model from any last-gen Silverados kicking around the local Chevy dealership, especially when they look it square in the eyes.

    Its squinting-gaze headlights and high cheekbones give its front fascia the handsome masculine aggression of a young Clint Eastwood.

    Or, arguably, a current-day Scott Eastwood. It's a more coherent look in person than it comes across in pictures, where the various elements can seem disjointed; seen in the flesh, so to speak, the new truck comes across better, especially on trim levels that forgo the body colored-elements up front for acres of chrome that harken back to mighty American rides of the '50s and '60s or for blacked-out trim that lends it an element of what the nation's mall ninjas describe as "tacti-cool.

    The side and rear views are more traditional in appearance, bearing the clean-cut blockiness that's characterized the brand's rigs, albeit with the occasional crease or kink added in for good measure. The larger foot-holes in the corners of the back bumper not only provide more room for steel-toed Red Wings, they look more proportionate to boot, and pair neatly with the look of the squared-off exhaust pipes on some models.

    And while every Silverado stands plenty tall, the two extra inches of lift and the inch off-road tires of the Trail Boss give it an even taller, tougher stance. More than any other passenger vehicle, trucks are defined not just by how their exteriors look, but by what they can do.

    This new Silverado is the 11th generation of what was once known as the half-ton truck category, on account of the payload said trucks could handle decades ago. Like alligators and snakes, they've grown bigger and stronger over the decades; nowadays, series Chevys can take on close to 2, pounds of people and carho, so the company prefers the term "light-duty trucks" for them. Engineers pushed the sheetmetal around to make an extra seven inches of width between the wheel wells, enough to easily slide a four-by-eight foot sheet of plywood between them.

    And while Ford may have gone to aluminum for the F's body, GM's commercials touting the advantages of steel over the non-ferrous metal to "real people, not actors" mean giving up on the classic material was out of the question. The new bed is pounded out of a higher grade of steel than before; a dozen fixed tie-down locations, each capable of withstanding a quarter-ton of force unmoved, stretch around the bed, along with nine movable tie-down spots.

    As in the Honda Ridgeline, there's even an available volt power outlet back there, in case you need to live out a Jake Owen song and run an industrial-grade margarita machine on a Florida beach.

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado LT Z71 (5.3L V8) - Review

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