1953 chevy truck interior

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  • As it turned out, Danny& newly acquired Chevrolet was in pretty rough shape, and he needed the other two trucks just for parts and pieces to make.

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    The standard grille has inner and outer bars the body color. For the LizardSkin application, simply mix the product in its container, pour into the gun, and spray. Then we come to the value of their time in the 5 year ground up restoration. The truck was in good restorable condition and thanks to Jim Carter parts! I then got every thing ready for paint.

    – Jim Carter Truck Parts

    About a year ago we decided that we should get a truck and repair it with as many parts that we sell as possible. It was perfect because we loved the truck, and we can get almost every non-mechanical item for it, including body, trim, glass, weatherstripping, seat cover, and carpeting. And so our journey began. We pulled this fine piece of machinery out of a yard in Southwestern Pennsylvania where it had been sitting for 20 years, so needless to say, some animals had made it home.

    After a number of days of welding, grinding, repeat, we have most of the unused frame holes filled in, and the independent front suspension cross member mocked into place. We finished installing the crossmember and spring perches for the Heidts front suspension and started mocking up the rear leaf spring suspension. The truck still had its original rear suspension in place, so we removed it and swapped in a new set of leaf springs.

    We went with leaf springs instead of a 4-Link as we plan on driving the truck a lot and were more concerned with ride comfort than pure performance. The kit that we are using is a bolt-on, and it really does align with factory holes. We decided to replace the front section of floor since it was fairly soft. We made it to the point where we can now paint the frame and the under side of the cab.

    Somewhere in between Day 8 and Day 14 we finished the lower cowl panels, replaced the cab corners, and even replaced a large section of floor and seat riser around the driver area. The lower lip of the seat riser was pretty well gone just below the driver area, and we had intended on fixing it but could not find an original style seat riser on the aftermarket. We were lucky enough to find a donor vehicle that had a solid floor, so, after making the trek into the woods with a cordless sawzall and a few batteries, we ended up with a solid replacement.

    For the frame and the under side of the cab, we ground off as much surface rust as possible and then used the Prep Step powder to clean and condition the remaining rust. Once it was clean and dry, we sprayed the entire area with Zero Rust paint. Seems like another time warp, but in between Day 15 and Day 21 we spent a lot of time modifying the rear suspension in order to lower the truck. We were shooting to have the front of the running boards about 6.

    This ended up giving us the stance that we wanted without using lowering blocks, and we still have plenty of clearance between the rearend tubes and the frame. This should give us enough clearance in the front to install a short water pump and still be able to fit a low profile fan on the radiator. We filled in a ton of holes in the firewall, some original, and some that looked to be made with the claw portion of a hammer. We sent the truck out to have the firewall and inner cab painted, and we just got it back.

    We taped everything off and are spraying the whole inside of the cab with LizardSkin Sound Control and Ceramic Insulation.

    For the LizardSkin application, simply mix the product in its container, pour into the gun, and spray. We have an original seat for the truck, and it is actually in good condition. While cleaning up the seat frame we realized that the tension cable was almost completely rotten away, so we figured out how to reroute a new one and shot a video of that as well. Okay, the title may be a little misleading. We really pushed ourselves to get this thing put together for a World of Wheels show that we need to take it to.

    We were able to get the whole body painted or cleared, the seat cover and carpeting in, most of the weatherstripping and glass in, and the bed installed. It all came together and we rolled the truck into the show the next day. Since the last post from Day 30, we removed the front clip, freshened up and installed the small block, installed the transmission, installed a 17gal aluminum fuel cell, painted the wheels and mounted the tires, and tucked the rear bumper.

    1949 Chevy truck "49Hardtimes" interior

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