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  • Hellcat V8 helps Grand Cherokee become the world's most powerful SUV
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  • The Hellcat-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will cost around $20, more than the Charger and Challenger, but it's still a good.

    That's not a typo; the name is Trackhawk, and it's ready to defy physics in a new and thrilling way. This hot-rod version of the Grand Cherokee is designed to.

    According to Jeep's press release, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (which is not officially designated “Jeep Hellcat”) generates

    Hell, it might even be something I would embrace. As interesting as that is for me this would be a total hoot. Water jackets between the cylinders help keep things cool, and the forged-steel crankshaft is designed to handle firing pressures up to 1, psi. By Matt Farah September 4, A potentially very quick school run, obviously.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee - Performance Luxury SUV

    Being a car guy is like being in a cult; there are certain unspoken rules that folks pretty much stand by, else risking expulsion from the petrolhead community. If some horsepower is good, more horsepower is better, and most horsepower is best. No one ever has to explain why he or she got the big engine. Your friend understands exactly why you got the big engine, and so do you: In America, there is absolutely no such thing as an engine or a truck too big, and the only thing better than big is biggest; most; the absolute.

    Which explains everything about the Hellcat. All three of them. The Challenger Hellcat was silly, at pounds and with little skinny series tires attempting to stick the HP to the ground, and, in general, failing miserably. Still, it was—and as of today the Demon version , still is—the most powerful muscle car on sale.

    The Charger Hellcat is particularly fun if your hobbies happen to be sliding around airfields at near-triple digits, or roll racing GIXXERS outside of Houston, deep into the triple digits. Its architecture dates back over 12 years under the Dodge name, and even further if you dig into the Mercedes-Benz parts catalog, with only one real major overhaul. Plus, HP Cop Car.

    And now, the Jeep. With the exception of its little shifter issue , since resolved, the Grand Cherokee is a no-excuses nice car. If you asked me to choose one stripped out, base vehicle from the FCA lineup, a Grand Cherokee would be my only choice. The basic bones are that good. Hell, you can even use it to tow your actual race car in an enclosed trailer with a pound tow rating.

    A name sets expectations. A name makes promises, for better or for worse. And with a name like Trackhawk, the only place worth testing this 5,lb, horsepower Jeep, is at the track. And boy did I find a doozy. Road Atlanta is a fearsome place. Something called Trackhawk is expected to perform at the track, counter to what physics says should be possible with 5, pounds of steel.

    To that end, you get the aforementioned 6. All the other requisite drivetrain hardware is beefed up to handle the tug of force that will happen between your Trackhawk and the road many, many times a day. Even by sports car standards, the Trackhawk is absurdly quick. Most folks running in the advanced group at Gridlife have what we would call, normal, prepped, sports cars. Most trips down the back straight in the Trackhawk resulted in anywhere from five to ten passes.

    Hell the car I race at Road Atlanta only sees about mph on this particular straight. One Hundred and Forty Two across the kink. It must be embarrassing as hell, being out on track in a caged racecar and watching me fly by, with three passengers holding iPhones, windows up, air conditioning blasted, cooled seats cooling, and Pearl Jam on the radio. In my first session, I passed twelve cars in one straightaway.

    You can clearly see the tight, degree turn 10a approaching. On the third lap, you have to give yourself a mph limiter because any faster and you might as well call it the kitty litter express. All those dozen cars you just missiled on the back straight now get point-bys, and in the context of any distance more than one lap, that entire display of testosterone and seizure-inducing headlight flashing you just performed a minute ago is literally, useless.

    At street pressures the thing is a pushy mess, but with the P-Zero tires starting from 25psi cold, the Trackhawk turns in harder and sharper than expected.

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